Ayup twenty fifteen

After six years of being part of a wonderful team at Raw, 2015 is the time to call it a day. Over the years I’ve »

TEDxSalford appointment

I'm thrilled to announce that TEDxSalford have recently appointed me as their IT Director. TEDxSalford is one of the largest TEDx events in the world with »

Trustee at Manchester Pride

It is with great pleasure and honour that I can announce Manchester Pride has appointed me as a Director of Manchester Pride Events Ltd with the »

Are we putting too much pressure on ourselves to keep up-to-date?

Like millions of others, i'm in an incredibly fast paced industry - namely the technology industry. Whilst I work at a relatively small creative agency (just »

Medium's ‘X-Powered-By' HTTP Header

We all love coffee, right? Some more than others, but there is an inherent stereotype that “nerds” survive off the stuff – I know I tend to »